About the company

We are a team of young enthusiasts, dedicated and passionate about web designing and software development. As creative innovators, we strategically design your dream into a reality. Just consider us as your friend – we provide you the unique path to reach the goals and the prosperous future of your company.

In the present, most of the newly emerging company profiles are not explicit. The gap created with all the doubts can keep you from becoming successful. Why worry now, with us around? We design you the most authentic way of delivering your passion to the whole world!

Boldness and diversity

We believe in being bold, embracing differences, standing out, while staying relevant.

Curiosity and adaptability

We believe in being curious and open to new concepts, staying nimble and being able to adapt.


We believe in the incredible power of words and images to grow businesses; they should be used in the right way, for the greater good, to bring positivity to the world.


Our job is to actively provide solutions, ideas and information. While you’re taking care of your business, we’re building the tools you’ll soon be using.

Our team

Our team – led by Pranesh Chakma – is made up of brand specialists and marketing experts, able to innovate and support your branding, content and social media needs. With considerable years of experience, each team member brings value to the range of services we offer.

meet our amazing team

The Faces Behind our Success

We Couldn’t Do It Without Them

Pranesh Chakma

Founder & CEO

Lahiru Tharaka

Art Director

A.R Wickramasinghe

SEO Specialist


Digital Consultant

Binari Thilakarathne

Chief Technology Officer

Dhanika Hewage

Head of Content

Nichole Reed

Strategy Dreamer

Prasad Sadaruwan

Social Media

Shehan Aravinda

Senior Designer